Essential Oil Enrollment School

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Essential Oil Enrollment School

As part of your enrolment kit I run a FREE course to help you use all your gorgeous new oils.

Depending on which kit you purchase I go through the individual products in the kit in a series of useful videos and information handouts.

You also get a doterra guide book (download free here) to help you.

There is no set time to watch the video’s you can learn at your own pace and a completion certificate can be issued if you so wish.

A typical example is for the Family Essentials Kit

Video 1 – 3 Ways to use essential oils

Video 2 – Lavender essential oil

Video 3 – Lemon essential oil

Video 4 – Peppermint essential oil

Video 5 – Air Essential Oil Blend

Video 6 – Deep Blue soothing blend

Video 7 – Melaleuca (Tea Tree) essential oil

Video 8 – Frankinsense Essential Oil

Video 9 – Zengest digestive blend

Video 10 – On Guard

Bonus Video – Lifestyle and Vitality

Bonus Video – Detox your home

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4 thoughts on “Essential Oil Enrollment School

SallyannePosted on  9:22 am - Aug 14, 2019

This is an awesome plan.. is really like to do this course! Thanks Sarah xxx

    adminPosted on  3:55 pm - Aug 14, 2019

    Hi Sallyanne thanks so much I can’t wait to teach more people how to use the amazing oils I just love talking about their benefits and helping people.

JunePosted on  1:37 pm - Aug 15, 2019

Hey this is great as sometimes the kits look like they have so many, but it works out cheaper to order the kits? I didn’t know we could do a course in this. Do I need to order on this website?

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