Essential Oil Tracking Kit

So if your like me I have oils I use in the Kitchen, Oils by my bed, Oils by my diffusers, Oils in my handbag, oils in the car and oils at work! Its so hard to keep track especially if you’re not only using the oils personally, but you are sending out samples to family and customers!

I’ve therefore been inspired to create a package of tools to help us all keep track of what we are doing with our oils.

Whether you’re a doterra wellness advocate or an oil lover this kit will help you to keep track of your wonderful oils and not let you run out.

What’s Included:

  • A list of essential oils and how many drops you have in the bottle.
  • An inventory to help you see what oils you have in your stock or what you need to purchase.
  • An easy reference which oil worked on which family member or customer for what condition with the essential oil journal (available FREE in the Shop).
  • See everything at a glance.
  • Blank Blending pages for you to write your favourite homemade oil blends and document how to use them.
  • A Balance sheet that allows you to track your usage and make a shopping list for your next LRP or Order.
  • PDF and Excel formats allowing you to print as many or as few pages as fits your families and customer or business needs.

Three FREE Gifts For You….

I wanted to include a few extra special things too, because I want you to have all the tools you need to organise your essential oils, so I thought you might like to have all the forms included in the planner in a downloadable spreadsheet with all of the formulas and calculators done for you.

Free gift One

5 Empty Sample bottles to send out to family, friends and potential customers.

Essential Oil Sample Bottles

Free gift Two

Essential Oils Labels

Essential Oil Labels

Label your 15ml bottles along with the top of your travel size essential oil bottles. Now, you’ll be able to easily find and identify your essential oils

Free gift Three

Mini Measuring Spoons

With the purchase of the Wild Essential Tracker I will send you a set of our mini measuring spoons. Perfect for making your own blends. (If you’re outside the UK email me for a shipping quote.)

Each of the mini measuring spoons are named dash, pinch, smidgen and nip for easy reference and hold the following amount of oil.

DASH = 1/12 tsp – 25 drops
PINCH = 1/16 tsp – 15 drops
SMIDGEN = 1/32 tsp – 10 drops
NIP = 1/64 tsp – 5 drops

To purchase this kit or to order more visit the Shop.