Pink Pepper essential oil

Pink pepper essential oil

Pink Pepper essential oil

Pink Pepper Essential Oil

Sourced from the berries of the pink peppercorn, it may look similar to the black peppercorn in your pepper grinder, but Schinus molle is more closely related to cashews. Ancient Incans revered the tree and different indigenous peoples used every part of the tree for various health needs. Once available for a limited time only, Pink Pepper will now be permanently available at doTERRA starting in October of 2018.

Pink Pepper Oil Uses and Benefits

  1. With a mildly fruity and peppery flavor, you can use Pink Pepper in place of ground black pepper to flavor meats, sauces, and other dishes. With a more subtle peppery flavor than Black Pepper oil, it has similar benefits in that it can support a healthy digestive system when used internally.* 
  2. Taking Pink Pepper internally means that you’re taking advantage of a variety of benefits. Among these, you can support a healthy respiratory system and healthy immune function and response by adding Pink Pepper to water or even to your own homemade chai tea.*
  3. Every benefit an oil possesses depends on its unique chemical components. The combination of the chemical components Limonene and α-Phellandrene in Pink Pepper may work with your body to soothe and relax the nervous system when used internally.* Limonene may also help support healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels already in the normal range.*
  4. Being able to maintain a healthy weight is closely tied to how well your body burns calories, also known as your metabolic rate. Add Pink Pepper to at least four ounces of water and drink to give your healthy metabolism the support it needs.*
  5. Our cells are the building blocks that make up our entire body. The amazing thing about essential oils is that they are active at this microscopic, cellular level of our bodies. Pink Pepper, like Frankincense, can help you maintain healthy cellular function and overall cellular health.*
  6. Customize any massage by combining one to two drops of Pink Pepper with Fractionated Coconut Oil to soothe the body.
  7. We all encounter grogginess and brain-fog as part of life. When you need to feel alert in order to get back on track, diffuse or inhale the scent of Pink Pepper.

Fun Fact
Ancient Incans used the oil from the feather-like leaves of the pink peppercorn tree in early mummification techniques.

Plant Description

The pink peppercorn tree is a fast-growing evergreen tree. It can grow up to 45 feet tall and wide, making it the largest of all the schinus species. The fruit grows in thick clusters with hundreds of berries. Aside from the berries, the bark and leaves are also highly aromatic when crushed.

Sourcing Pink Pepper
doTERRA Pink Pepper oil is wild-harvested from two different countries: Kenya and Peru. The molle or pink peppercorn tree is indigenous to Peru, but British colonialists also brought the trees with them to Kenya. For both countries, the farmers and harvesters are excited about the new increased economic opportunity that Pink Pepper oil represents.

The harvesting process can be highly labor-intensive because once they are picked, the berries must be distilled the same day to preserve their oil content. When the berries turn from green to pink, the picking process begins. Pink peppercorn trees can be very large; harvesters often have to climb the branches to pick off the berries, or shake them so that they fall to the ground to be collected. From there, berries are cleaned and crushed before going through steam distillation. Learn more about the Pink Pepper sourcing story by watching the video at the bottom of this page.

Oils that Blend Well with Pink Pepper Oil

Citrus or floral oils blend well with Pink Pepper, and create an invigorating aroma. In addition, FrankincenseClary SageEucalyptusLavenderSpearmint, and Patchouli are all excellent options when you want to create a blend with Pink Pepper.


Due to Pink Peppercorn being closely related to cashews, should those with cashew allergies be cautious when using Pink Pepper oil?

Essential oils do not contain plant protein, and we do not anticipate an issue with allergens. However, we would recommend working with your primary care physician if you have additional concerns.


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