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Aroma marketing in shops

Aroma Marketing

What is aroma marketing?

It is nothing but targeting the sense of smell of the customers. Aroma marketing, can help and increase sales as well as the customer experience. It has been found from various researches that essential oils have the capability of evoking an emotional response and is also linked with memory. The inhaled aroma of the essential oils helps in stimulating the functioning of the brain. It also helps in enhancing the mood of the customer and thus helps in customer satisfaction.

  1. Using essential oils for the retail environment

With proper and careful selection of essential oils, you can create an extraordinary environment that will encourage customers to linger in your store. But, the essential oils that you are going to use needs to be chosen with care. If you choose something with a very strong scent, then it might not help. In turn, it can make customers turn away from your store.

Essential oils to be used for the retail environment
There are various combinations of essential oils for use in retail stores. Citrus essential oils:

  • Wild orange
  • Lemon
  • Bergamot

You can use essential oils from the mint family as well.

  • Spearmint
  • Peppermint

You can make a blend of these essential oils for a long-lasting effect. It has been found with the essence created by these oils, it can make customers buy something from your store. It can also make them visit the store again in some time.

Store scenting tips

Always look after the target audience before creating an aroma for your store. For example, you can pair up essential oil like vetiver along with products for men like men’s clothing or shaving kit. You can use geranium as well as lavender with products for women like lingerie or other items.

Creating a holistic ambience

Need to note that the aroma you are using should match with the ambiance and setting of your store. For example, with the proper matching of store music and aromatherapy, it can help in improving customer experience. You can use lavender with slow music for the best-desired effect. It can impart a positive effect on the customer’s mind.

2. Using essential oils for restaurants

cent can influence the behavior of a restaurant patron. If you use lavender in your restaurant, then customers would love to spend some more time there. Stimulating scents like mint and citrus are not so effective in restaurants. Try to use calming flower scents like ylang-ylang and clary sage.

3. Using essential oils and aromatherapy for waiting rooms

Waiting in the medical office or doctor’s waiting room is not at all a pleasant thing. Most of the patients remain stressed, full of anxiety. It has been found that aromatherapy can help in dealing with anxiety. So, you can use essential oils in medical waiting rooms. It can help in calming down the patients and soothe their minds. Essential oils like wild orange essential oil and lavender oil are the most recommended ones.

Some other ways of using essential oils for customer satisfaction:

Using essential oils in spas

Using essential oils in the steam rooms helps in setting up a relaxing environment. Beyond just making the steam room smell great, it also helps in wiping out bacteria. Essential oils like eucalyptus comes with several health benefits when used in the steam room. It can help in working as a great antidote for bad moods, mental fatigue, and sluggishness. You can also some shower mist infusions for a better guest experience like:

  • Lavender infused shower mist
  • Menthol infused shower mist
  • Tea tree infused shower mist
  • Mint-infused shower mist
  • Citrus infused shower mist

Using essential oils in beauty salons

The benefits of scent marketing can also be seen in salons. By using essential oils in your salon, you can create a soothing environment for your customers. It can also be used for spas and hair rejuvenating programs.

Benefits of aroma marketing

Scent marketing brings with it tons of benefits. Let’s have a look at some of them:

  • It helps in creating and improving brand recognition.
  • It helps in extending the lingering time of the customers.
  • Helps in improving the guest experience.
  • It helps in making your brand unforgettable.
  • It helps in increasing sales.
  • Scent marketing helps in attracting new customers.
  • Affect and improve performance in the workplace.
  • Helps in creating and increasing a heightened perception of the brand.
  • It helps in inspiring brand loyalty.

The strategy for aroma marketing

In order to activate the impulse of buying, the scent that you are going to use needs to have some contextual meaning. It should also correspond with both the environment of your store and the products as well. Try to keep your scents simple. Using hard-hitting scents might result in customers turning away from your store. Simple scents like orange are best to use in small stores. They are relaxing, enticing and easier for the mind to process and can also help the customers in focusing on their primary goal, that is shopping.


If you have had a good or bad customer experience whilst shopping, when essential oils were being used please share your comments below. Tell us what you have liked (or disliked) about this post.