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Team Support

Team Spirit

One of the greatest aspects of doTERRA is its 100% team spirit. You are never alone. We are here to support you in your health, business and overall life journey.

The people on my team are my friends, family and soul sisters. We learn and grow together, we cheer each other on and succeed together. I would you to partner with us and join us as we build each other up to reach our highest potential.

The way in which I help my team grow their business is by doing a vision casting call or goal setting plan.

What is the vision casting call?

Our team

We are part of one of the fastest growing teams in doTERRA. From easy, effective and highly duplicatable training resources provided by doTERRA’s top wellness advocates, to regular mentor calls provided by me as well as high ranking upline leaders, an exclusive team facebook page and countless product and company resource links, I am able to provide you with what you need to make your doTERRA business thrive.

The Kindness Business

You never know the full ripple effect of even one act of kindness we provide by helping people live healthier and more natural lives. My desire is to empower and support you as you start out in your business; to cheer and guide you as your build your business to be as successful as you wish to go.

There is support and opportunity for doterra in the UK, Doterra Europe or anywhere in the world.

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2 thoughts on “Team Support

NuttaneePosted on  7:14 pm - Mar 3, 2020

It is refreshing to know that doTerra has an amazing team that will support me after the purchase. All the companies can have the good products and all but if the support team is bad then I usually do not buy from them. Buying from friends or doing business with friends are the best. Cannot wait to see what doTerrna has to offer and yes let’s spread the kindness and be healthy together. 

    adminPosted on  7:18 pm - Mar 3, 2020

    Hi Nuttanee thanks so much, this is true I have worked with other companies before and there has been no support only pressure to sell and recruit. Doterra is different it’s like family. 

    I appreciate your comments have a lovely week x

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