The Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)

The Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) is a recurring monthly order program that gives members opportunities to earn points that can be used to purchase products.

The LRP is a requirement for earning commissions and bonuses.

The LRP will process at midnight MST on the same day every month.

You can sign up for the Loyalty Rewards Program online using your log in details.

  1. When in the shop tab, on the right hand side, click on “Create New LRP Order”.
  2. From there you will need to choose which date your order processes. If on or before the 15th you will have the chance to earn the product of the month.
  3. Once the date is selected, please click on “Next, add products to your cart”
  4. Once you have added product to your cart, please review your cart.

When reviewing your cart, please make sure the ship to address is correct, that the payment information is correct, and the email address listed is correct.

Once you log in to your account, please select your LRP to edit it. To select your LRP, click on the number in the grey box under “edit”.

This will take you to your LRP template. From here you can add new items to your LRP by either using “quick add to cart” or by clicking “continue shopping”. 

With quick add to cart, you don’t have to leave your template and can see the changes being made to your LRP right away.

To delete items from your LRP, please click on the red X

Once its set up you can’t delete everything from the template you would need to email customer services.

Changing the date on your LRP

To change the processing date, you must first go to your LRP template. You can go to your LRP template from the home page on the shop tab.

Once you are editing your LRP template, you will need to click on the edit option next to your LRP run date.

Once you click on edit, a pop up will show asking you to select your new run date. However, if your LRP has not processed yet for the current month, you cannot select a date that is in the following month.

For example, let’s say it is 8 April and your LRP is set to process on 11 April, but you are wanting to change your run date to the 5th of every month, you will not have the option to. You can only change your processing date to a date later than the current day of the month.
Once your LRP processes for the month of April, you can change the date to the 5th, but not before then, otherwise your LRP would not process that month.

Once you have selected your new processing date, please click on “save changes”. Then your LRP processing date will be updated.

Using or Spending Your Points

Once you are editing your LRP, you see an option that says “use points” please from there you can choose to use points. When you click on select, this will bring up a dropdown menu. The number in the dropdown is how many of the product you have in your cart.

For example, if you have 2 black pepper in your cart, you will either select 1 or 2. Select 1 to apply points to one of the black pepper, or 2 to apply points to both.


Having an active LRP is a requirement to keep the points that you have earned while being a part of the LRP. If you cancel your LRP, you will lose all points and percentages you have accumulated while being a part of the LRP. Due to that fact, in order to cancel your LRP, please contact Member Services.

Frequently Asked Questions about Loyalty Reward Points (LRP)

  • When can I have my first LRP order?

You cannot process your first LRP order during your enrollment month. You may process your first LRP the month after you enroll. For example, if you enroll in the month of July, your first LRP can be processed anytime the month of August.

  • Can I give my points to another member?

No. Points earned on your account can only be used on orders placed on your account.

  • Can I skip a month?

No. Your LRP must be processed every month. If your LRP does not process each month you will lose any points and percentages you have earned.

  • I forgot to change the items on my LRP before the processing date, what should I do?

Please contact Member Services. Due to the fact that all LRP orders process at 00:00 MST on their processing date, the order may have already shipped, but doterra would be happy to help you with setting up a new order, a return, or an exchange.

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