Top 10 Reasons Why doTERRA is The Best Essential Oil

Top 10 Reasons Why doTERRA is The Best Essential Oil

Top 10 Reasons Why doTERRA is The Best Essential Oil

Here are the Top 10 Reasons why doTERRA is the best essential oil company. 

It can be so confusing to know what is the best essential oil company because everyone has their own arguments and it’s hard to separate fact from fiction.

When I joined doTERRA it was because I tried some essential oil samples my friend gave me and fell in love. I didn’t know much else about the company. However this is why I will always, only use Doterra Essential Oils.


The bottom line is that they work. Everyone I know that really gives them a try with an open mind is amazed at how well they work. If they didn’t work, doTERRA would have never become the largest essential oil company in the world so fast. Why do they work so well? There are two main reasons – potency and purity. You can read more about those in #2 and #3 below.


This is the single largest difference between doTERRA and other essential oils companies. doTERRA’s essential oils are sourced from around the world and carefully tested to have the correct chemical compounds. They are certified not to have anything added to them. Other companies get away with saying they are pure by adding lesser quality oils in with the more expensive oils so they are still “pure.” doTERRA oils are much stronger and more effective. Many of doTERRA’s oils have been tested to be taken internally.

Most of the other distributors of essential oils buy them from a middle man. They have no control over the quality. I also can’t emphasize how important where the plants are grown is. It is the MOST important and unique difference that doTERRA has. doTERRA does chemical analysis on every location around the world where the plants are traditionally grown and compares all the chemicals to find the location that has the best chemical compounds. Then the plants are grown by growers who know what they are doing and have been doing it for years. Then doTERRA does chemical analysis on every batch of oils to make sure they meet their high CTPG standards. All this is not cheap but it means they have a very high quality, consistent product with nothing added to it. This means that many of the oils are safe to take internally. Other companies can’t promise this because of the fillers in their products and because their oils may be high in chemicals you wouldn’t want to take internally but they don’t know for sure since they don’t have the high standards that doTERRA has.

3 – Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) (PURITY)

dōTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® (CPTG) rating certify that that they are 100% pure essential oils extracts, so you know you’re getting the best.

7 different types of testing are done on EVERY batch of essential oil: Gas Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, microbial, organolepic, FTIR (fourier transform infrared spectroscopy), chirality, isotopic and heavy metal testing. Not just that but they test at multiple points in the process and they use a 100% independent third party University to also test every batch. This results in a consistent, reliable and pure essential oil. ABSOLUTELY NO other company can make those claims!!


dōTERRA’s essential oils are extracted from the right species, the right part of the plant, in the right environment, during the right period and distilled under the right conditions.


Health professionals and experts regularly recommend dōTERRA’s products for their effectiveness, safety and quality.


You are provided with endless educational opportunities to learn more about essential oils, how and why they work, and how to use them more effectively. Their focus is not just on selling a product but on providing the education necessary to use their product correctly.


You can create a home business doing something that you love, that will change people’s lives, and that has very low start-up costs.  You also get lots of business support from the doTERRA network, and you gain valuable personal development skills. Read more here about working with me and doTERRA.


  • Price – doTERRA has the lowest price in the industry if you compare drop for drop unadulterated essential oils.
  • Rewards – up to 30% back in free product on every order. Read more about their rewards program here.
  • Shipping – you receive the cost of shipping back in free products on LRP orders. I don’t know of a single company that does this other than doTERRA.


In short, co-impact sourcing is what makes doTERRA unique. It is doTERRA’s trademark and it means that their sourcing impacts both the farmers and the users. It means that doTERRA guarantees a fair price to the farmers in exchange for a higher quality product, which in turn makes the essential oils be the highest quality.

It’s one of doTERRA’s most important missions that they have been working on for several years. It ensures that they will be able to maintain the medicinal quality of the oils while helping the world for the good in the process.

You can read more here or watch the video below:


The doTERRA executive comes from a diverse background with years of experience in different industries. They started this company from the ground up and have done everything ethically and honestly. They really care about their employees and Wellness Advocates and truly want to see us succeed by providing high-quality products with an excellent compensation plan.

There you have it, that’s why I think doTERRA is the best essential oil company. I think if you try some essential oils you’ll know why doTERRA is The Best Essential Oil Company too.

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons Why doTERRA is The Best Essential Oil

Kinga HolystPosted on  11:05 am - Aug 14, 2019

I choose doTERRA as they are the leaders in Essential Oils. I like that they are totally involved from start to finish . All of their farms are pesticide free. They are 100% pure and it makes me feel much more confident with using essential oils in my everyday living.

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