Which Essential Oils do I use?

Which Essential Oils do I use?

I get asked this and also ‘what is my favourite essential oil’ asked a lot! Its a hard one to answer because I use so many on a daily basis.

1. For my moods, feelings, mental health

For about 30 years I have had depression and anxiety and been on and off lots of prescribed anti depressant medication or drugs. I can honestly say that essential oils definitely help with my mood and feelings so 2 of my personal favourites are Wild orange essential oil hence I named this blog about it and Cheer a blend of :

  • Wild Orange Peel
  • Clove Bud
  • Star Anise Fruit/Seed
  • Lemon Myrtle Leaf
  • Nutmeg Kernel
  • Vanilla Bean Extract
  • Ginger Rhizome
  • Cinnamon Bark
  • Zdravetz Herb

Without these I would be on the maximum dose of SNRI Duloxetine and thanks to these wonderful oils I am on the minimum and aim to come off all together. So I can’t be more appreciative of these 2.


Sleep was also an issue and so I use Serenity oil on the soles of my feet at bedtime and on the back of my hands and also used to take serenity capsules although I no longer need them.


For a morning routine I use either a drop of lemon essential oil or zendochrine essential oil in my water and I take Life Long Vitality supplements every day.

If I feel like a cold is ‘coming on’ I use on guard either in a capsule or roller ball to prevent it from developing into an illness and in the last 2 years since using it ‘touch wood’ I haven’t had a really bad cold at all.


I used to suffer with acne and didn’t believe the ‘tea tree’ studies as it never seemed to clear my spots, but I now know why. I was using over the counter low quality oils. If I get a spot now and use Melaleuca essential oil, because this is tea tree in its raw and purest form it works!

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