WILD ORANGE essential oil used in crystal healing with clear quartz

Wild orange crystal healing

WILD ORANGE essential oil used in crystal healing with clear quartz


Wild orange oil is known for its mood-elevating and purely joyous properties. It carries a warm and familiar feeling and acts as a tonic against feelings of self doubt, sadness, anxious feelings and stress. Using this oil will bring cheerfulness and laughter into your life while allowing you to find your own inner happiness. Wild orange oil can also:

  • Promote optimism
  • Decrease feelings of self-doubt
  • Act as an naturally cleansing, anti-inflammatory, and promotes healthy muscular function
  • Be soothing, sedating, and refreshing
  • Help with sleeplessness
  • Dispel irrational fears of what is unknown
  • Work as an energetic stimulant and refresher

Clear Quartz: Is a master healing stone and helps ward off negative energy while promoting balance

So if you’re also into crystals here is an amazing combination with Clear Quartz!

For those moments when you’re feeling like you want to allow your heart to open, or if you’re struggling with being vulnerable and need a little assistance, this uplifting blend of oils will take you there. The clear quartz activates this blend, taking you to an elevated and positive frame of mind.




Wild Orange Essential Oil (2-3 drops): Uplifting and mood-elevating, with the ability to aid in creativity and vision

Other oil ideas:

Patchouli Essential Oil (1-3 drops): Has a sweet citrus scent; great for self-confidence mood elevation

Geranium Essential Oil (3-4 drops): Has a rose-scented aroma and evokes a sensual vibration

Lavender Essential Oil (2-3 drops): Is calming, relaxing and pairs well with many scents to offer a balanced finish and feeling.



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